Meet the 2022 SRC Content Creators

Each fall a team of Content Creators from all over the province, set about building the BC SRC Manual. Under the direction of Co-Chairs Alicia Dobbs (New Westminster Public Library) and Jennie Castleton (Surrey Libraries), each Content Creator takes responsibility for a section of the BC SRC Manual. During the dark days of autumn, these creative folks dream up sunny programs, activities, and booklists for libraries to use during the BC Summer Reading Club. It’s a delight to introduce you to the team behind the 2021 SRC manual!

Alicia Dobbs, BC SRC Co-Chair & Content Creator Portrait of Alicia wearing a gray sweater and red adn white top holding a brown chicken puppet

Librarian I (Children’s & Teen Department), New Westminster Public Library

NWPL serves the City of New Westminster, with a population of about 77,000. We have one main library and one small branch in the Queensborough neighbourhood.

My favourite things about working on the Summer Reading Club have been seeing the (amazing!) artwork take shape, from first drafts all the way to a beautiful finished poster and reading log. I am so excited to finally see the materials in print! I’ve also been blown away by the creativity and hard work of the content creators, who come up with such a wide variety of material for the manual every year and help bring the SRC’s themes to life.

Jennie Castleton, BC SRC Co-Chair Portrait of Jennie in a storytime room holding a white and tabby cat puppet

Youth Services Librarian & SRC Coordinator (Fleetwood Branch), Surrey Libraries

Surrey Libraries serves the City of Surrey, with a population of over 500,000 and growing. We have 10 library branches throughout the municipality.

I’ve been in my position for 15 years and involved with SRC for all of them.  I’m looking forward to doing programming this summer and connecting to our community.  This year’s theme is perfect for reconnecting with our SRC participants.  We are “All Together Now” at the library (whether virtual or in person).

BC SRC Content Creators

The BC SRC is incredibly lucky to have this fantastic team of Content Creators! We thought you’d like to get to know this amazing group of people a little better.

Mehjabeen Ali and Surrey LibrariesPortrait of Mehjabeen

  • Position: Librarian
  • Area of content creation: Activity Sheets
  • Tell us something about your library: Serving people across 9 branches, Summer Reading Club at Surrey Libraries is full of programs, special events and more for children of all ages!
  • How many people are on your content creation team? 3 wonderful members!
  • How you coordinate your efforts? Through a call out for contributors and then brainstorming ideas together.
  • What do you most enjoy about being Content Creators? The creativity and excitement that goes into making the activity sheets and children enjoying them in the summer!

Corene Maret Brown and Port Moody Public LibraryPortrait of Corene

  • Position: Programs and Youth Services Coordinator
  • Area of content creation: Family Storytimes
  • Tell us something about your library: We are a one branch library – small but mighty! Our average storytime attendance in the summer is about 120 people.
  • How many people are on your content creation team? One
  • How do you coordinate your efforts? Google Docs
  • What do you most enjoy about being a Content Creator? Making a felt Baby Yoda
  • Anything else you’d like to say? Looking forward to the school visits and sharing great reads with all the students.

Gina Gaudet and Vancouver Public Library

Portrait of Gina

  • Position: Branch Head, Children’s Library
  • Area of Content Creation: Programs (Ages 5-8)
  • Tell us something about your library: VPL is a large Urban Public Library that serves many diverse communities across the city.
  • How many people are on you content creation team? 14-18, that I know of.
  • How do you coordinate your efforts? Each of the 4 neighbourhood teams takes on one theme to spearhead, and staff at the Children’s library downtown take on the remaining 3. These small teams submit their programs to myself for edits and uploading.
  • What do you most enjoy about being Content Creators? Contributing to the manual gets our diverse team working together early on in the season and helps us get ready for Summer Reading Club.
  • Anything else you’d like to say? Our work on Summer Reading Club is contributed to by so many fabulous and creative minds it is a joy to be a part of this productive team.

Wiena Groenewold Fraser Valley Regional LibraryPortrait of Wiena in the Library

  • Position: Librarian 1 and Summer Reading Club Coordinator
  • Area of content creation:  Programs (Ages 9-12)
  • Tell us something about your library: Largest public library system in BC with 25 branches and serving over 700,000 customers in its service area.  Service area:  Fraser Valley plus the Deltas and Port Coquitlam. Began serving customers from Ladner to Hope in July 1930 with the Fraser Valley Book Van, stopping at grocery stores, schoolhouses and gas stations with books displayed along its outside shelves.
  • How many people are on your content creation team? Idea input from various staff
  • How do you coordinate your efforts? Email SRC staff contacts to see who is interested in contributing creative content
  • What you most enjoy about being Content Creators? Sharing ideas that might be used throughout the province.