Do you want to get creative with your reading this summer? Starting on June 29th, you can try out our Book BINGO challenge and see how many BINGOs you get this summer!


  1. Download the fillable PDF version or print the printer-friendly version
  2. Start to read new and exciting titles or try new activities
  3. Fill in your BINGO Card by typing in the boxes if you’re using the PDF or write your responses if you’re using a print out version
    1. Type/write in titles where it asks you to read, recommend, and listen or type in which activity you completed
      1. Do not repeat titles in different squares
    2. Type/write in COMPLETED for tasks like picking up a reading record at your local library, visiting the CSA website, or completing 7 weeks of reading
    3. Remember to save if you’re using the PDF version
  4. Submit your Book BINGO card here (with your grown-up’s permission) with at least 1 completed BINGO row (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal) by August 17th, 2020 at 11:59pm to be entered for 1 of 3 Book BINGO prizes that will include an official pair of Mission Control card decks!

A sample of how to fill in your form