Weekly Caption Contest

Starting June 29th until August 17th, 2020, enter our weekly caption contest for your chance to be featured on the website and our Instagram page!

What’s a caption contest?

Sometimes magazines (like the super famous The New Yorker) will run contests where people can write a clever or funny description or a quote for what’s happening in a picture. People will vote and pick their favourite caption that will appear in a newspaper, magazine, or website. Sometimes people just like having them on their fridge.

Check out this video of a 9-year old who entered and won one of The New Yorker’s weekly contests:

How does it work?

  1. Look for the weekly caption contest here at bcsrc.ca
  2. Think about something funny or clever happening in the picture (what are the characters saying or thinking, what do they see, or what are they doing?)
  3. Write a quick 1 sentence caption
  4. Submit your caption by Wednesday at 11:59pm
  5. On the following Thursday, we’ll release three picks for you to vote on
  6. Voting will close on the Sunday at 11:59pm
  7. A winner will be announced and featured on our website and Instagram page each Monday

Weekly Contest