Online Reading Tracker

This summer, we’re excited to launch our first ever Summer Reading Club app where you can track your weekly reading goals and unlock cool digital badges!

Screen Shot of the BC SRC Child's Dashboard

A preview of what the kid’s reading tracker looks like!

How to Register Online

  1. Grab your parent or caregiver and head over to and click JOIN HERE
  2. Have your parent or caregiver sign up and create an account for you
  3. Log out of your parents account and SIGN IN to the Kids Dashboard
  4. Think of what you want to do for your daily reading goal (read 15 minutes a day, read 20 pages, listen to a story, choose whatever you’d like!)
  5. Complete your daily reading goals and click the checkmark
  6. Unlock a badge for every 7 days of completing your reading goals (you don’t need to read 7 consecutive days in a row, any 7 days)
  7. Keep unlocking badges for 7 weeks and you’ll earn your completion badge and certificate

What to Remember

  1. All reading counts including listening to a storyteller and/or audiobook
  2. You can enter past reading entries if you joined a little later on in the summer or missed one
  3. You’ll have from June 29th until September 30th to complete your 7 weeks of reading
  4. Connect with your local library to see how you can get your print reading record and other SRC swag and more!