Week 3 – Origami Star Garland

Weekly DIY Idea: Origami Star Garland

DIY star garland


For this week’s DIY, we’re going to make origami star garlands! It’s the perfect activity to keep your hands busy if you’re planning to sit down and watch a movie or a TV show. There’s a little bit of set up, but once you get started it’s a fun and relaxing activity. Ask a friend or family member to join you and have a garland part!

DIY Star Garland Supplies

In terms of supplies and materials, you’ll need some construction paper, a pencil and eraser, scissors, embroidery floss (or fishing line), a thicker needle, and a ruler. While you can purchase origami paper strips specifically for star making, often those strips are quite small and not so easy to find. We also found that construction paper worked better for folding and threading a needle through due to its texture, but you can also try with other types of paper like lined or printer paper.

Mark 1cm thick lines


In order to create strips to fold, grab your ruler and mark 1 cm width thickness markers. Make multiple markers going down the length of the paper so you can draw a straight line down. This will ensure that your strips are 1 cm thick throughout. Make multiple “strips” with your sheet as shown below.

Multiple Star Strips

After making enough lines for as many strips as you want, begin cutting out your strips. In order to save time, you can stack 2 sheets of paper to cut out strips (see below). You probably don’t want to stack more than 2 sheets because the paper will shift as you cut and you may not get even strips. If you have a paper cutter at home, you could also use that, but with a grown up’s permission first!

Doubling up construction pa

You’ll want to repeat this process until you have enough strips in whatever colours you’ve chosen. We chose to do a rainbow, but you can mix and match however you please. You can even make your own patterns on white sheets to play around.

Rainbow strips for stars

So now that more tedious part is done, here comes the fun part! Below you’ll find a step by step tutorial for how to fold a paper star. You can also find videos on YouTube if it looks a little tricky.



Once you get the hang of folding the stars, you’ll begin to fold them very quickly!

Origami Stars

While many people collect origami stars into jars for decoration (which you’re more than welcome to do!), we’re going to turn our stars into a garland. This is when you’re going to use your embroidery floss and a thick needle.  Cut the length you’d like your garland by measuring the possible placement such as a shelf, above your bed, along a window, etc. Then carefully thread your needle with the floss through your stars. A thicker needle works best since it’ll pierce through the layers of construction paper without much force.

Threading stars

Thread through your stars and space them out a little bit…

Star Garland

Once your done, tie loops at the end so your stars don’t fall out. And then hang them up and brighten up your space.

Star Garland on Shelf

Upclose Star Garland


And there you have it, a super fun and colourful decoration made with some construction paper and string! Share your star garland creations with us over here and we’ll feature it on our Instagram page.