Week 4 – Summer Mission Badge & Patch

Weekly DIY Idea: Summer Mission Badge & Patch

Summer Mission Patch

This week’s DIY is inspired by astronaut mission patches, something that has become a longstanding tradition in space exploration. Our friends at the HR MacMillan Space Centre in Vancouver, BC shared how astronauts will also design their own patch whenever they go on an exploration mission.

According to the Canadian Space Agency, mission patches will often have three elements: crew members names, a mission number, and an image that represents the mission. You can learn more about patches on the Canadian Space Agency Site.


Mission Patch

Expedition 58 crew patch. (Credit: NASA)

While unfortunately, we don’t have any upcoming space exploration missions on the horizon, we do have lots of different summer missions! So for this week’s DIY, we’re making Summer Mission Badges and Patches. We’ll adopt the same principles of the space mission badges and include something that indicates your name/identity, our expedition number (hello Summer 2020!), and somethings that symbolize this mission.

For this DIY, you can create a digital summer mission badge using a variety of software like Canva, Paint, Word, etc. You can use clipart and free images to play around with your design.

Here is a sample of my digital summer mission badge:

Sample of a digital Summer Mission Badge DIY

You’ll see that my mission this summer includes reading, enjoying the sunshine, and also growing my plant collection :).

When selecting mission symbols, I kept my images relatively bold and simple icon-style images that stand out. I also chose a fun font and colours that I enjoy.

But let’s take this an extra step and let’s turn our digital badges into actual patches!

For supplies, you’ll need some paper or a notebook, a pencil, an eraser, some felt scraps or sheets (or you can use construction paper), a pair of sharp scissors, a sharpie, and some white glue or fabric glue.

Summer Mission badge supplies

First, you’ll want to sketch out your design and think about what colours you’ll like to use. If you don’t have felt at home, felt is available at most dollar stores and craft stores for less than $1 a sheet. You can also make lots of badges with siblings and friends with only a few sheets. I chose to use felt scraps since I had some left over from another project. You can also choose to use construction paper instead. Or you can also just draw a design on a sheet of paper :).


Once you’ve decided on your design, start creating! I chose to use a shield shape patch, but you can use whatever shape you’d like. To make sure my shape was symmetrical, I folded my piece of felt and drew out my shape with a black marker.

folding felt

badge cut out

Cut your patch shape out and begin to design the smaller elements. I chose to freehand cutting out my design since the shapes were simple enough. However, you can print off stencils or try drawing out shapes with marker. Remember that you’ll either want to draw shapes extra big to trim off the outline or draw them backwards on the other side to avoid seeing marker marks.

badge piece

Remember to measure and trim your shapes. Felt is easy to trim off any excess.

cutting out shapes

The numbers were the most complicated shape since they are small and thin, so I drew the numbers out backwards to make sure I can get to the size I wanted.

Once you’re done creating your designs (remember the simpler the shapes, the easier!), lay them down to see how they’ll sit.

badge layout

If you’re happy with your placement, begin to glue your pieces down. I used fabric glue because I had some at home, but white glue also works fine or a glue gun. If you’d like, you can press your design under a heavy book or box, just remember to add a layer of parchment paper or wax paper so the glue doesn’t stick to the book/box.

gluing pieces

And alas, you now have your very own Summer Mission Patch! My digital badge and mission patch look pretty similar, but I did make adjustments to make it easier for me to design and cut.

final badge

Show off your own Summer Mission Patches with us over here. We’d love to see what your summer missions are and share them on our site and our Instagram page.