Week 6 – Painted Rocks

Weekly DIY Idea: Painted Rocks

You’ve probably seen some in your neighbourhood or maybe you’ve made a few already, this week’s DIY is all about painted rocks!

To get started, you’ll need the following supplies: large rocks with a relatively smooth/flat surface, acrylic paint, paint brushes (including a thin/fine tipped brush), palette or plate for paint, water, black permanent marker (optional), and hairspray (optional). You’ll also want to lay down a piece of paper or cardboard to prevent paint from getting on your table.

Fun tip: have an image you like to use for reference. We grabbed the reading record for inspiration.

You can use acrylic paint in whatever colours you choose, these can be custom mixed with primary colours or already made. If you’re interested in learning how to mix your own paint colours, check out this quick video tutorial or search for colour mixing guides online. We recommend acrylic paint because of how it adheres to the surface and the fact that it dries quickly and is pretty forgiving if you make mistakes.

We started by making sure our rocks were clean and then primed the rocks by painting the surface white. The white surface will help make your colours pop.

Your painted rocks can feature whatever design you’d like from your favourite characters, animals, shapes, etc. We decided to feature some of our favourite friends from this year’s Summer Reading Club artwork by Bambi Edlund! You’ll want to start with the larger shapes of your design like the frame of the spaceship.


Then you’ll want to add the smaller details into your design. If you plan to layer additional details, make sure the paint has completely dried.

Remember that you can get as detailed as you’d like, but if something is too difficult to paint, you can make a simplify the design.

Once your general shapes of the image are done, begin adding the outline with a thin brush. Do this step slowly and patiently. If using a paint brush is too tricky, use a permanent black marker.


And then you can finish off your design by adding extra details to the background, like a space background with stars.


And voila! You can finish off your rock with hairspray to seal the design, but it’s not necessary. Afterwards, you can put your rock outside along a trail, in a park, outside your door, or wherever you please :).

This is such a fun and easy DIY, so please be sure to share your creations with us by sending pictures over here. We’d love to see your wonderful rocks and the cool things you’ll come up with.