As part of its goals and objectives (see above), the BC SRC provides an interactive literacy-based children’s website during the summer. Children may be invited to submit original stories, descriptions, book reviews and/or drawings. Once approved, children may see their work published on the website.

In so doing, we support the creative efforts and literacy development of children. In addition, we are acknowledge our obligation to protect:

  • the children who submit their stories, etc
  • the Association (BCLA)
  • our funders (Ministry of Education, BC libraries, CUPE BC)

To that end, we reserve the right to publish or not, edit or not. In addition, we will:

  • never publish a child’s last name (even when included with submission)
  • not include any obvious identifiers (names of siblings, school, etc.)

Should any submission include any reference to the child being abused, the submission will immediately be reported to the BCLA Executive Director.