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Each summer amazing things happen all across the province of BC. Libraries start to implement the BC Summer Reading Club and creative ideas flow from Fort St. John to Sardis. There are parades, posters, picnics, parties, and programs, all specially designed to suit the needs of each community. The end result is a landscape of welcoming and encouraging environments where children have the opportunity to read for pleasure and to explore other worlds.

We do a great job of tracking statistics. Those numbers don’t tell us nearly enough about how SRC impacts you or your community. Stories are what move us, transform us. They speak to the heart of why we do what we do — and we’d like to hear your stories.

In 2013, BCLA, introduced the SRC Community Story Award in order to recognize and honour those stories. Each year, the BC Summer Reading Club will present this award to an individual whose story best demonstrates the impact of the SRC within their community.

Here are some ideas to get you started, but by all means feel free just to tell us your story:

  • Describe a time when events at an SRC program left you feeling proud of yourself and your work.
  • While chatting about his/her summer reading, have you ever met a child so in love with books, you were reminded of why you do this work? Tell us about that.
  • Were you impressed with the way a parent or caregiver helped a child choose a book? Describe what you noticed and how it made you feel.
  • When you tell your friends and family about your work and the SRC, what story do you tell?
  • Has a parent or caregiver ever told you how participating in SRC has changed the way their child feels about books and reading? Describe what they said and how that made you feel?

To submit a story for nomination for the SRC Community Story Award, please contact us with the subject line: SRC Community Story Award. Nominations for the Community Story Award are open until March 1, 2024@ 11:59pm. 

The winner of the BC SRC Community Story Award will be announced in March, and the award will be presented at the BCLA Conference Awards ceremony. The winner will attend the conference as our guest!

Stories will be accepted throughout the year and may be submitted both by an individual or about an individual. All submitted stories will be shared with our stakeholders and may be published to help demonstrate the powerful impact of the BC SRC. You may submit as many stories as you wish. We look forward to hearing your stories!

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