About the artist

Dianna Bonder

As far back as I can remember, I have been drawing and writing stories of far away places and unimaginable characters. Inspired by the beauty of Alice in Wonderland, James and the Giant Peach, the quirky words of Shel Silverstein and the infamous Dr. Suess, I have been inspired by some of the most unusual sources. As an only child, I would spend a lot of time colouring and drawing and writing stories….I always dreamed of one day being an artist. It was that passion and dream that took me on my journey towards becoming a children’s book illustrator. Now, with my two daughters, I have inspiration abound!! I would describe my work as “Dreaming Is Believing”…if you can dream it…it can be!

In later years, I studied Fashion Illustration, Fine Arts, Graphic Design and Book Illustration. After completing school, I then went on to work as a commerical artist for several years before venturing seriously into children’s literature. Now working on my 14th children’s book I find myself constantly curious and thrilled by creating new stories and illustrations. I have more story ideas than I know what to do with so I just keep working and hoping to get everything floating around my head, down on paper…only time can tell. As busy as my schedule might be, I love to be active in elementary schools – speaking with children about writing and illustrating. I also teach workshops, and speak with school groups, libraries, and artists of all ages about my career and work. For more information, visit my school visits page or email me by clicking here.

I am also a member of canscaip, cwill, writeon speakers bureau. Each of these sites has additional information about me and other authors and illustrators and how to contact us for workshops, presentations and mentoring.

Dianna Bonder's artwork featured on the 2004 Anything Can Happen When You Read poster.

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