Help Your Child Succeed at School with BC SRC

Did you know that children who read over the summer do better in school?

Ways to help your child succeed at reading:

  • Get your child a library card at your local public library. It’s free!
  • Sign your child up for the library’s free summer reading club.
  • Encourage your child to read every day. When children read during the summer, they do better in school in the fall.
  • Ask questions about the books your children are reading. Describing books in their own words helps them understand the stories better.
  • Let your children choose books that they like. When children enjoy reading, they read more and their skills improve.
  • Read to your child or listen to audio books together. Talking about the stories you share will help your child learn new words and ideas.
  • Show you enjoy reading too. Read on your own in the language of your choice.

Download this as a handout in English and other languages below.