Our Partners

The Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA) provides access to library materials for users with print disabilities. Every year, BC SRC creates booklists that include items from CELA’s catalogue.

To get access to CELA’s services, please visit their website.

The National Network for Equitable Library Services (NNELS) provides access to library materials for users with print disabilities. Every year, BC SRC creates booklists that include items from NNELS’s catalogue.

To browse NNELS’ catalogue, please visit their website.

Public Library InterLINK facilitates open access to 18 member libraries for all its residents and provides delivery service. InterLINK helps BC SRC get resources out to its member libraries.

To learn more about InterLINK, please visit their official website.

The Association of Book Publishers of BC (ABPBC) is a trade association whose aims are to foster and promote British Columbia book publishers and authors. Every year, BC SRC aims to include and promote BC authors in our annual booklists.

For more information about ABPBC, please visit their website.

Yellow flame logo with a house inside and black text that reads British Columbia FireSmart

About FireSmart™ BC

FireSmartBC has a comprehensive set of tools and guidance on how to undertake and implement community-based wildfire prevention and mitigation initiatives. FireSmartBC is about living with wildfire and managing it on our landscapes. FireSmart methods have been demonstrated time and time again to reduce the risk of losses due to wildfire.

FireSmart messaging is delivered by Ember the FireSmart fox of the red fox species. She has unique characteristics which include alertness, adaptability, intelligence, and community mindedness. She lives in the forest and teaches people how to be FireSmart.

Visit the FireSmart BC website to learn more about what you can do to prepare your home, neighbourhood, and community for wildfire season using resources like the Homeowner’s Manual or the Landscaping Hub.

Visit Ember’s Den for FireSmart BC children’s resources and listen to Storytime Videos with Ember and BC Wildfire Service staff.

Try some FireSmart™ BC activities this summer:

FireSmart Kids Home Assessment

Complete the FireSmart Kids Home Assessment (adults can use the FireSmart Home Ignition Zone Assessment Score Card). Look around the home to see what areas are wildfire resilient and what areas could use mitigation. After the assessment is complete, consider ways that you could reduce the wildfire risk around your home and be prepared for wildfire season. There are plenty of useful and free ways to reduce the risk around your home.

Some simple free activities adults can do with child(ren) to reduce wildfire risk is to clean up around the home, school, or daycare. Some of these activities could include:

  • Cleaning up pine needles and tree branches from the yard
  • Moving firewood 10 meters away from the home
  • Removing highly flammable bark mulch from your landscaping
  • Keeping the gutters on the edge of the roof clean
  • Pruning the lower branches of trees to 2 meters
  • Removing any windblown leaves and vegetation from under your deck
  • Trimming grass shorter than 10 centimeters

Previous Partners

About Green Thumb Theatre

Since 1975, Green Thumb Theatre has been a force within the field of Theatre for Young Audiences, not only in British Columbia, but across the country and throughout the world. Green Thumb Theatre creates, produces, and tours plays that explore social issues relevant to the lives of children, youth and young adults. We provide theatre that celebrates the language and stories of today’s generation and culture to stimulate empathy, debate, and critical thinking.

In 2021, Green Thumb Theatre and BC Summer Reading Club teamed up to present MISADVENTURE AT THE LIGHTHOUSE – a new mystery play by Michele Riml and Michael St. John Smith – and invited Summer Reading Club participants to write an ending to the story to solve the mystery! The project culminated in an online performance by 12 professional actors, and featured 3 different participant-created endings! Thank you to everyone who shared your stories and artwork!

Learn more about Green Thumb Theatre by visiting their website.

Find out what Green Thumb Theatre is up this summer

Get your copy of Green Thumb Theatre’s 10-page WHAT IF colouring book and follow along on Nicky and Milo’s friendship journey!
WHAT IF explores themes of social anxiety, self-esteem, and the power of friendship.
Based on Green Thumb‘s hit stage play, WHAT IF by Katey Hoffman, The WHAT IF colouring book, featuring artwork by Cecil Ward, is now available online to print and enjoy.

About WHAT IF:

Every day, Nicky wakes up with knots in her stomach and worries in her brain. While most kids can’t wait for recess so they can hit the playground, anxious Nicky would rather spend her time safely hidden away in the school’s sick room with her Big Book of Birds. In the sick room, Nicky can enjoy her routine in peace and quiet – but when a rambunctious boy named Milo comes barrelling into her life, Nicky’s peace and quiet turns to chaos! At first, these polar opposites’ worlds collide, but as time goes on, cautious Nicky and adventurous Milo both come to discover they may have more to learn from each other than they think.
Recommended for ages 5 – 10

About the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre is a non-profit community resource that brings the wonders of space to Earth, while providing a personal sense of ongoing discovery. Through innovative programming, exhibits and activities, our goal is to inspire sustained interest in the fields of Earth science, space science and astronomy.

In 2020, the annual BC SRC theme was Explore Our Universe, where all things space was celebrated. It only made sense for a partner with the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre to help our participants navigate this intergalactic theme. Together, we hosted Ask an Astronomer events, where children across BC could ask a real life astronomer, Rachel Wang, all their space and universe related questions. Rachel also demoed her software and equipment and took us on a tour of the universe. Did we mentioned we also created a space-themed card game called Mission Control? Learn more about Mission Control here.

Find out what the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre is up to here

The H.R. MacMillan Space Centre is open for visitors, so be sure to check them out! Find out what events are happening at the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre, here.

And if you’re interested to learn about space, please check out their Online Learning Resources.