A headshot of BC SRC artist Meneka Repka

About the artist

Meneka Repka

Meneka Repka is a Victoria-based children's illustrator and teacher. As a lifelong artist, Meneka always dreamed of being a children's picture book illustrator, but like many artists, she was always told that it was not a realistic career path. Instead, she decided to become a teacher to work in close proximity to books and art. Even with a busy schedule of lesson planning and earning her PhD in Curriculum Planning, she always practiced her craft. And then an opportunity opened doors! When she was selected as a featured illustrator by the Society for Children's Book Writers and Illustrations (SCBWI), she signed with a literary agency and has not looked back since.

Inspired by nature and traditional picture book illustrations, especially the work of Richard Scarry of Busy Town fame, you get a deep sense of nostalgia and whimsy when looking at her art. Her contemporary influences include Rebecca Green, Isabelle Arsenault, David Sierra Liston, Devon Holzwarth, and Beatrice Blue.

Her debut as a children's picture book illustrator will be hitting shelves in the Fall 2024, so be on the lookout for The Mango Monster written by Derek Mascarenhas! Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Meneka recently moved to the Coast and shares her home with her husband and visits her step-son who is currently in university. If she wasn't an artist or a teacher, she would be an ice cream taste tester.

Meneka Repka's artwork featured on the 2024 World of Curiosities poster.

Image of BC SRC 2024 poster featuring a shelf with objects and two children.

Other Work

An illustation by Meneka Repka featuring a bear and girl eating watermelon together.
An illustration by BC SRC artist Meneka Repka featuring a girl and a bear playing a banjo dancing together
An illustration by Meneka Repka featuring an ice cream man and two children riding a bike and wagon with a dog