Are you ready to Journey Through Time this summer?

We’re so excited to have you Journey Through Time with us this summer! Check back every week for new and fun weekly activities and challenges.

Draw a Dinosaur with Jeni Chen

Want to learn how to draw a dinosaur? Check out a tutorial made by this year’s BC Summer Reading Club artist, Jeni Chen! Share your creation with us and to get your chance to win a prize, including having your dinosaur drawn with this year’s dinos!

Contest runs from July 12 to August 12, 2023.

For more details, head to the Draw a Dinosaur page.

Pink background and purple abstract shape. Image of triceratops cartoon wearing rollerskates and headphones, next to photography of Jeni Chen. Text reads Draw a Dino with Jeni

Here are some of our favourite entries from last week’s caption contest!

” I’m not only extinct, I can instinctively say that I’m in the future!”

Amrita, age 11

Dino’s mom: be careful don’t crash! Dino: OK OK, CRASH! OOPS!

Ishani, age 8


Aiezah, age 11

Nice city, though I prefer sky trains

Max, age 9

“We dinos may have died out at some point, but we’re back in Dino City, stronger than ever!”

Sophie, age 11

Space dinosaur!

Olivia, age 8

Look at this HUGE space station!!!!

Laney, age 9

Is That a UFO?!

Max, age 9

Rocket Dino!

Emmett, age 6


Chloe, age 11

Nearly home

Catherine, age 11

I think dinosaurs are better at flying with wings.

Gloria, age 10

A spinosaurus flying? I thought it spins!

Ana, age 8



Lime green background with aqua abstract blob. An illustration of a green diplodocus with robots on its back. Text reads: BINGO & TIC-TAC-TOE.

Looking for a challenge?

Try out a BINGO or Tic-Tac-Toe sheet filled with different prompts for reading and activity recommendations this summer.

Download (PDF file):

Show Us Your Library Challenge

Kids all over BC participate in BC Summer Reading Club, and this year we have libraries from the Yukon, Yellowknife, and Nunavut participating in the program!

We want to see where you are participating from!

Email a photo of your library (just the library – no people in the photo!) to [email protected] and include the following information:

  • where your library is located,
  • what it is called,
  • your name and age.

We will collect all of the photos we receive and add them to a slideshow.

Come back to this webpage all summer long to see our photo collection grow!

For an added challenge: you can send us a drawing of your library instead!

Teal background with pink blob, text reads Show Us Your Library! Features a dinosaur holding a selfie stick and posing.