How can I and/or my library get access/invited to the online reading tracker?2022-05-26T06:29:05-07:00

The primary SRC contact at your library system would have received an invitation to the Online Reading Tracker. If you are not the main SRC contact, please ask them to invite you as a user to get started. Once you have access and accept your invitation, log into https://app.bcsrc.ca/staff.

Why do we need an online SRC option?2022-05-26T17:06:05-07:00

Over the past few years, we’ve received feedback from families that the traditional print program doesn’t work for their child.  As a result, we want to be inclusive of the variety of reasons why a participant cannot or may not want to use a reading record. We know how popular the traditional print program is and it’s not going anywhere! We just want to provide options that meet everyone’s needs.

How do I add a new user?2022-05-16T06:04:43-07:00

On the left menu, select “Manage Users” and click “invite user” on the right side. Add their email address and select their privileges.

Manage Users = they can add and delete users

Edit Messaging = change the welcome message and what’s happening message

If either of the two are not selected, they can just receive the registration statistics.

What do I add to the what’s happening section?2022-05-16T06:01:42-07:00

This is a space to share any events, programs, and contests that your library is hosting. Format it as you’d like and link back to your library for registration. You can also use this space to provide an extra push to promote programs with lower registration, etc.

Please note that you will need to add “https://” before you add in your link.

What do I add to the welcome message?2022-05-26T17:07:20-07:00

We heard from libraries that they wanted to feel more connected and involved with the Online Reading Tracker and this is one area where you can build that connection. The Welcome Message section is intended to be a space for you to let participants know how to participate in SRC at your library and what they can expect (events, contests, challenges, etc.). You can choose to update this message as frequently as you’d like.


Does my library system need to create an account?2022-05-16T05:37:13-07:00


Your library will be responsible for reporting your online registration statistics in the annual staff survey. You may have users in your community who use the online option, even if your library does not actively promote it. So please familiarize yourself with the features and functions.

How do I download registration statistics?2022-05-16T05:35:09-07:00

Go to the “Registration” on the left menu. Click the “Export” button in the top right corner. Format and filter your results in Excel.

How do I get staff access to the BC SRC Online Reading Tracker?2022-05-16T05:33:34-07:00

Your library system’s primary SRC contact would have received an invitation. This individual can invite other users from the library system.

Will there be an adult summer reading program this year?2020-11-05T21:18:41-08:00

The BC Summer Reading Club is a literacy program for 5-14 year olds. Many libraries in BC do offer Adult Summer Reading Clubs. With Covid 19, things may be different this year, so best to check with your local library. You can find a list of BC libraries here on our parents’ page: bcsrc.ca/parents.

I’m having technical issues with the Online Tracking App, what do I do?2020-11-05T21:09:15-08:00

To ensure good experience for you and your kids while using the BCSRC website please ensure:

  • You are using a modern up to date browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge or Internet Explorer 12 or higher). NOTE: IE11 is not supported for the tracking app.
  • You allow cookies on the BCSRC site.
  • Your browser isn’t blocking javascript.Also, try and:
  • Refresh your browser
  • Clear your cache and try again

Still having trouble? Please contact [email protected] and include which browser, operating system, and device you are using.

Where do we find books to read this summer?2020-11-05T21:07:38-08:00

Please connect with your local library to see how you can access reading materials this summer.

Can I register and use the online reading tracker and still get a print reading record?2020-11-05T21:06:54-08:00

Yes, if your library is open to hand out print reading records, you can participate both ways.

I have completed 7 weeks of reading and earned 7 badges, but there are still 2 more badge spots. What do I do?2020-11-05T21:06:19-08:00

Congratulations! You’ll only need 7 badges to pick up a medal from your local library (check with you local library to see what how to pick up your medal). But if you wanted to continue reading and meet daily goals, there are two extra bonus badges.

I would still like a print reading record. How do I get one?2020-11-05T21:05:19-08:00

Connect with your local library to find out about picking up a print reading record, or you can print the 11×17 print-at-home version or the 8.5×11 simplified version.

Will your booklists, activities, and reading materials also be available in French?2022-04-19T18:45:00-07:00

We have a booklist with recommended French titles. Our weekly activities are in English. Please connect with your local library about finding digital French reading materials.

I want to participate in SRC, but do not want to register online. What do I do?2020-11-05T21:03:26-08:00

You can still participate in the weekly activities and you can connect with your local library to find out about picking up a print reading record, or you can print the 11×17 print-at-home version or the 8.5×11 simplified version.

I haven’t been to the library in a while, can you look up my account?2020-11-05T21:01:59-08:00

To participate in the Summer Reading Club program, you do not need a library card. However, you can connect with your local libraryfor your account details.

Does my library card account work to sign in for the BC SRC?2020-11-05T20:32:00-08:00

The BC SRC is a province-wide program that supports local library systems in their summer reading club programs. We are not linked to any actual library records (i.e. library cards and accounts) in order to maintain patron privacy and increase accessibility for those who do not have library accounts but still wish to participate.

I can’t see the dropdown selection options for my library branch?2020-11-05T20:31:37-08:00

You may wish to try another browser. Please also see more information below under “I’m having technical issues with the Online Tracking App, what do I do?”

My child attends a French school that is not listed.2020-11-05T20:31:07-08:00

If your child attends a French school, please note you will need to type a unique element of the name for it to appear (e.g. “Pionniers” rather than “L’École des Pionniers”).

My child attends a school not listed, what do we select?2020-11-05T20:30:46-08:00

Please enter “other” in our school options.

My child is in homeschool, what do we select?2020-11-05T20:30:23-08:00

Please enter “homeschool” in our school options.

My child is not in grades K-7, does that mean we can’t register?2020-11-05T20:30:02-08:00

Anyone can register for SRC, please select “other” for grade.

How to use the App2021-02-10T04:46:39-08:00
  1. Once registration is complete: your child can track their reading by using their nickname (username) and password
    1. Encourage them to track their daily reading goals and to unlock badges
    2. Reading goals can be whatever they choose and adapted to their needs
    3. For every 7 days of meeting their reading goals, they’ll unlock a new badge (reading does not to be done on consecutive days)
    4. They can also enter any missed reading entries/days
    5. They will have until the end of September to log their reading
  2. As a parent, you can log into your dashboardto encourage your child’s reading progress
    1. You can also add another child, change your password(s)
  3. When your child completes their 7 weeks of meeting their reading goals, you can print off a certificate for them
    1. Connect with your local library to see if they are offering medals or other completion prizes.
How to Register Online2020-11-05T20:27:32-08:00

To get your child registered, head to bcsrc.ca and click JOIN HERE

  • Due to safety and privacy concerns, your child will require your permission to create the account
  • Follow the registration steps and be sure to check the tooltips, if you need clarification. Tooltips are  indicated by a small icon like this.

What if we will be travelling this summer?2020-11-05T21:51:47-08:00

Keep reading! If you are traveling within BC this summer, you can visit any public library — all participating libraries have been provided with extra stickers for visitors. If you are travelling out of the province, just let your library know!

What if my child can’t finish the program?2020-11-05T21:51:41-08:00

Your child can still collect stickers even if they don’t finish. The reading record is yours to keep!

What if we miss a day of reading?2020-11-05T21:51:33-08:00

No problem! Just keep reading. After 7 days of reading, your child will earn a sticker or digital badge!

Does the Summer Reading Club run all summer?2020-11-05T21:51:27-08:00

Each library runs the program a little bit differently. The program usually begins in late June and usually ends in August.

Is the program available in other languages?2020-11-05T21:51:21-08:00

The BC Summer Reading Club program materials are bilingual (English and French) but children are encouraged to read books in whatever language they feel most comfortable, including ASL (American Sign Language)

If you have any questions, just call or visit your local library!

What do children read for the Summer Reading Club?2020-11-05T21:51:17-08:00

Children read story books, information books, graphic novels, and even comic books! They read in whatever language they wish, including American Sign Language, and in whatever format they prefer, including audio books. They can also listen to someone else read or tell stories.

Library staff will be happy to recommend books and more, for your child to enjoy!

Do I need a library card to join the BC Summer Reading Club?2020-11-05T21:51:12-08:00

You don’t need a library card to join the Summer Reading Club! If you would like to borrow some books or digital materials, just ask the staff about getting a library card.

How does it work?2020-11-05T21:51:07-08:00

Visit your local library and your child will receive a free reading record to keep track of their reading. Children also receive a weekly sticker to mark their accomplishments. At the end of summer, many libraries award a medal to children who complete the program.

Be sure to ask at your library about special Summer Reading Club activities and events!

When does registration begin?2020-11-05T21:51:01-08:00

Registration begins sometime in June. Just call or visit your local library to find out when you can sign up.

How do we join?2020-11-05T21:50:50-08:00

Please contact your local library to find our more about in-person registration. Library staff will be happy to register your child for free, and give them everything they need to join the Summer Reading Club. They will also be able to tell you about any summer programs and activities at the library.

Who can join?2020-11-05T21:50:44-08:00

The BC Summer Reading Club welcomes all children and their families to participate, and seeks to provide a free, accessible, and fully inclusive program.

What is the BC Summer Reading Club?2020-11-05T21:50:39-08:00

The BC Summer Reading Club is a free reading program for children. It is a great way to practice or improve reading skills over the summer, meet new friends, learn more about your community and library, and have fun!

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