About BC Summer Reading Club

The BC Summer Reading Club is a free literacy program designed to engage school-aged children, ages 5-14, with libraries and reading, throughout the summer. We strive to do so in a way that is fun, educational, inclusive and community-oriented.

What BC Summer Reading Club Offers

For Kids

Join us and solve the Mystery! You will have to overcome obstacles, gather allies and use your brain to save the planet from chaos. Join us, we can’t do it without you!

For Parents

Use our resources and activity plans to encourage your kids to participate in the Summer Reading Club. It’s a fun way to engage them in learning and will make it a lot easier for them once they go back to school.

For Libraries

Help us build a world of mystery and engage kids, parents, school and other community groups to help promote the BC SRC. It makes a huge difference in kids lives and you are a huge part of it.

For Schools

Help us carry on the momentum you built during the school year. See how you can help your students during the summer.

For Media

Your publication can help kids achieve better grades and help us promote better literacy. See how you can help.