[Current date]

Dear Principals, Teachers, and School-Librarians,

We invite your students to join the [year] BC Summer Reading Club: [theme].  The BC Summer Reading Club is FREE and starts at the [name of your library] on [date]. Students receive a reading record to help keep track of their summer reading fun. And, if they complete their reading goal, they will be awarded a medal at the end of the summer!

As you know, regular reading over the summer helps children to maintain or improve reading skills. Voluntary reading is key to making reading habitual and in the BC Summer Reading Club (BC SRC), children choose what they read. They also have the opportunity to participate in fun library activities over the summer.

Children and their families have access to many theme-related books in accessible formats, including audio and ebook formats. This provides kids with print disabilities increased opportunity to participate in the BC SRC program. Library staff are able to help with access to these materials.

We hope you will encourage your students to join the BC Summer Reading Club. Our library staff would be delighted to visit your school or host a class visit here at the library. Please contact me to make arrangements.

For resources and more information about the BC SRC, please visit the library’s website at [URL], the BC SRC staff website (http://kidssrc.libraries.coop) or the  BC SRC Kids’ website (www.bcsrc.ca).

[Name of your library] is sponsoring the BC SRC, in cooperation with the British Columbia Library Association, with funding from the Libraries Branch, BC Ministry of Education, and the RBC Foundation. Thank you for helping to make this year’s BC Summer Reading Club a success in our community!


[your name]

[your contact info]