Online Reading Tracker Guide for Staff

Online Reading Tracker Guide for Staff2023-02-19T22:01:35+00:00

Online Reading Tracker Guide for Staff

On behalf of everyone at the BC Summer Reading Club, we are very excited to share the newly redesigned BC Summer Reading Club Online Reading Tracker featuring a more accessible design and new features and functions for library staff. We would like to thank the different library systems who provided feedback during the design and beta testing process. Library staff will be invited to set up their accounts the week of May 16th and the tracker will go live for public registration on June 13th. 

While many libraries are eagerly preparing for in-person library programming, we would like to encourage library staff to think about the ways to promote the online reading tracker that best meets the needs of your participants, including their accessibility needs. For example, there are a number of reasons why a participant may prefer the online reading tracker over the traditional print record, such as interest in a digital option; learning, health, and/or safety needs; unable to regularly visit their library; displacement from their homes, etc.

To learn more about the Online Reading Tracker, please watch the  walk-through demo video of the new features and read the question and answer section, which can be found below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my library system need to create an account?2022-05-16T05:37:13+00:00


Your library will be responsible for reporting your online registration statistics in the annual staff survey. You may have users in your community who use the online option, even if your library does not actively promote it. So please familiarize yourself with the features and functions.

How can I and/or my library get access/invited to the online reading tracker?2022-05-26T06:29:05+00:00

The primary SRC contact at your library system would have received an invitation to the Online Reading Tracker. If you are not the main SRC contact, please ask them to invite you as a user to get started. Once you have access and accept your invitation, log into

How do I add a new user?2022-05-16T06:04:43+00:00

On the left menu, select “Manage Users” and click “invite user” on the right side. Add their email address and select their privileges.

Manage Users = they can add and delete users

Edit Messaging = change the welcome message and what’s happening message

If either of the two are not selected, they can just receive the registration statistics.

How do I download registration statistics?2022-05-16T05:35:09+00:00

Go to the “Registration” on the left menu. Click the “Export” button in the top right corner. Format and filter your results in Excel.

How do I get staff access to the BC SRC Online Reading Tracker?2022-05-16T05:33:34+00:00

Your library system’s primary SRC contact would have received an invitation. This individual can invite other users from the library system.

What do I add to the welcome message?2022-05-26T17:07:20+00:00

We heard from libraries that they wanted to feel more connected and involved with the Online Reading Tracker and this is one area where you can build that connection. The Welcome Message section is intended to be a space for you to let participants know how to participate in SRC at your library and what they can expect (events, contests, challenges, etc.). You can choose to update this message as frequently as you’d like.


What do I add to the what’s happening section?2022-05-16T06:01:42+00:00

This is a space to share any events, programs, and contests that your library is hosting. Format it as you’d like and link back to your library for registration. You can also use this space to provide an extra push to promote programs with lower registration, etc.

Please note that you will need to add “https://” before you add in your link.

Why do we need an online SRC option?2022-05-26T17:06:05+00:00

Over the past few years, we’ve received feedback from families that the traditional print program doesn’t work for their child.  As a result, we want to be inclusive of the variety of reasons why a participant cannot or may not want to use a reading record. We know how popular the traditional print program is and it’s not going anywhere! We just want to provide options that meet everyone’s needs.


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