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Ken Campbell

Ken's father mentored him as a youngster, in the principles and techniques of visual art. (see BLOG: 'In The Shadow of an Artist'). So while not formally trained, his passion for art grew in a supportive family environment. After his university sociology/psychology studies he returned to his pursuit of art and brought his interest in humanities with him.

In his early career Ken shared his creative time between fine art and commercial art. Like his early influences, Tom Thompson and the Group of Seven, many of whom were also commercial artists, he wore many creative hats including editorial cartoonist, production artist, graphic designer, art director, creative director, book illustrator and painter. In these too he was largely self-taught, preferring to train on-the-job, resulting in the emergence of a distinctive style that earning recognition in television, display, print, publishing and the galleries.

Today Ken Campbell is a full-time fine art painter working from Imagecraft Studio in Victoria, BC. His original fine art includes drawings, plein aire paintings and studio works. A practitioner in oils and acrylic media he adapts such techniques as "oils over acrylics", "metallic pigments painting" and Renaissance-style "underpainting & glazing". His style is based in realism with notes of impressionism and abstraction.

Ken's oil and acrylic canvases reflect his passion for remarkable places and contemplative moments... seascapes, landscapes, figurative, still life and wildlife compositions.

When not travelling on painting trips or preparing for exhibitions, Ken makes time to lead painting and drawing classes and workshops.

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