Here is a fun display idea to use at your library that was featured this week at the BCLA conference with SRC’s Stephanie Usher and Kate Wood. We had many library friends who were interested in incorporating this into their own SRC launch, so we thought it would be helpful to provide you with the resources!

You will need:

  • A large size print out of the cabinet graphic. If you are having it printed professionally, the size we had at BCLA was A0.
  • Paper book ends for participants to write their favourite book title or author.
  • 2″ yellow circle stickers (or paper that can be glued) to use for the lights. At BCLA we used these for theme suggestions for 2026, but alternatives could be something the kids are excited for in the summer, a favourite place to read, their favourite summer activity…and much more!
  • A white or black marker which we used to draw the “string” for the yellow lights to “hang”.
  • Felts or pens for kids to use to write their suggestions.
  • Tape or glue to attach the book ends and lights to the cabinet.

This is the beautiful, collaborative result!

Cabinet graphic with book ends and yellow lights that are strung along each shelf.