Photograph of black t-shirt with a dinosaur outline in a centre logo that reads Journey Through TimePhotograph of black baseball cap with a dinosaur outline in a centre logo that reads Journey Through Time

This year’s Fairware portal for SRC t-shirts, hats, and tattoos is now live! Orders will only be available until Friday, April 14th, April 14th @ 11:59pm. Please note that BC SRC will only hold a very small amount of extras for ordering after the deadline, sizes are not guaranteed. Please share the Fairware link with your staff. Furthermore, to save on shipping costs, if you do a group order the flat rate shipping fee to your library applies.

We have many sizes available in a unisex, women’s, and kids shirts. There are 4 tattoo designs this year that come in bundles of 100 (indiv.idual tattoos, 4 designs, 25 of each design)

Fairware will send an invoice after ordering to allow for flexibility for different payment types such as credit card, cheque, and EFT. To order your t-shirt, hats, and tattoos, please visit the Fairware ordering portal. For larger systems, we strongly encourage staff to write down in the notes which branch they are located in to make it easier for labelling the order. All library location orders will be sent to the same location as the primary materials.

If your library would like to order additional medals at cost, please let Stephanie know by May 15th to add to your existing medal allotment. Any orders beyond that date will have a shipping fee attached.

BC SRC 2023 tattoo designs featuring 4 different dinosaur characters and their names.