1. Once registration is complete: your child can track their reading by using their nickname (username) and password
    1. Encourage them to track their daily reading goals and to unlock badges
    2. Reading goals can be whatever they choose and adapted to their needs
    3. For every 7 days of meeting their reading goals, they’ll unlock a new badge (reading does not to be done on consecutive days)
    4. They can also enter any missed reading entries/days
    5. They will have until the end of September to log their reading
  2. As a parent, you can log into your dashboardto encourage your child’s reading progress
    1. You can also add another child, change your password(s)
  3. When your child completes their 7 weeks of meeting their reading goals, you can print off a certificate for them
    1. Connect with your local library to see if they are offering medals or other completion prizes.