Up, Up and Away

About the Artist

Eliska Liska

I'm an illustrator, graphic designer, muralist and a painter. Originally from the Czech Republic but for the last ten years I have lived in Victoria BC, Canada. In 2008 I have obtained a Masters degree for Conceptual Art and Art History from Ostrava University, Czech Republic. Concept is a main factor in most of my work. As a part of my 5 years of University studies, I've taken classes including digital graphic design, drawing, theory of colours, classical graphic techniques, modern and classic art history, illustration and photography. For years I've been working as a muralist and street artist in Europe and Latin America. After settling down and having my family in Victoria BC, I began working on children's book illustration and art workshops. Painting Pottery fulfilled my need for making something useful. While creating, I am mostly working with classical techniques that allow me to keep a unique character to my work. I love to paint big murals and most of my digital illustrations are initially hand drawn, and I'm also a big fan of minimalist digital design and digital illustrations.

I enjoy challenges, multitasking and love deadlines.

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