Imagine the Possibilities!

This year’s BC Summer Reading Club theme is: Imagine the Possibilities!

Step into the Pages! – Storytelling, role-playing, and history

Inventions and Innovations – Science, inventions, and inventors

Monsters & Make-Believe – Mythical beasts & imaginary creatures

Imagination Creation – Art and creativity

Imagine a World Where... – Making the world a better place, the future, and science fiction

Reach for the Stars – Dreams, aspirations, and outer space

Everyday Extraordinary – Exploring the world around you (e.g. oceans, rainforest, mountains, etc.)

About the Artist

Jami Gigot

Jami has always loved the way ‘imagination’ can take you to the different places you create in your head. Growing up in Madison, Wisconsin, summer break meant a perfect mix of reading, lots of outdoor play, and make believe games, such as fending off an imaginary shark in her grandmother’s pool! She loves to travel and has lived in Los Angeles, London, and now Vancouver.

Her love of books, writing, and art initially led her to the film industry. As a digital artist, Jami has worked on several films including Pan, The Chronicles of Narnia – Prince Caspian, and Antman and the Wasp. Regardless of what she is illustrating, Jami typically begins with the spark of a story and likes to explore her initial idea with both sketches and words.

It was while reading to her two children, Mae and Sebastien, that she began to explore the world of illustrating picture books. Lucky us! Jami’s delightful picture books include, Mae and the Moon (Ripple Grove Press, 2015) and Seb and the Sun (Ripple Grove Press, 2018) In a wonderful case of serendipity, Jami had already begun work on her newest book “Imagination Vacation” (Albert Whitman, Fall 2019) before we asked her to imagine the possibilities with the BC SRC!

Filled with colour, whimsy, depth, and gentle humour, Jami’s illustrations are a perfect match for next year’s theme, Imagine the Possibilities!

Jami lives in Vancouver with her family. To learn more about Jami and her work, please visit www.jamigigot.com. Jami is available for library visits and may be reached through her website or by email

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