About the artist

Lee Edward Födi

Lee‘s illustrations are fun, imaginative, and a little fantastical – a perfect match for this year’s theme of “Book a trip!” He is probably best know for his fantasy-adventure series, The Chronicles of Kendra Kandlestar (Simply Read Books). He has also illustrated several picture books for other authors, including The Chocolatier’s Apprentice and I’ll Follow the Moon. When he’s not busy writing and illustrating, this “daydreaming specialist” can be found delivering presentations and workshops all over the world. Lee lives in Vancouver with his wife, actor, Marcie Nestman, along with their cat, a fluffy Maine Coon, named Griffin. To learn more about Lee and his work, please see his bio and his website leefodi.com

Lee Edward Födi's artwork featured on the 2016 Book a Trip! poster.

Other Work