We are thrilled to announce that Madeline Ewanyshyn will be joining us as the new BC SRC Provincial Assistant.

Madeline works at the Coquitlam Public Library as a Customer Experience Assistant and Lead, and she also helps support the Library Link, aka the mobile library bus. Last year, she played a key role on CPL’s SRC Committee and also presented writing workshops for kids and teens. She brings a lot of experience, enthusiasm, and creativity to this new role, and we’re excited to have her join the team.

As the Provincial Assistant, Madeline will be working under the supervision of the Provincial Coordinator, Stephanie Usher, where she’ll be helping out with administrative duties throughout the summer and creating content for our website and Instagram page. Madeline will begin to transition into her role later this month.

Lastly, we also would like to thank all the applicants for showing their interest in the role.

Please give Madeline a warm SRC welcome.