A big congrats as your libraries begin to see participants completing their SRC reading goals! Thank you so much for all that you do for BC SRC and the participants and their families.

We wanted to share a reminder for two surveys:

  1. The Annual Staff Survey due on September 30, 2023 and can be found on the Staff Page under 2023 Resources. Please note that Gravity Forms unfortunately does not let you keep a copy of the survey, however, Stephanie will send you a copy for your own records.
  2. The new Participant Feedback Survey, which opens next week on Monday, August 14 and will close on Friday, September 15. 

The Participant Feedback Survey is new to this year and mentioned in the SRC 2023 announcement. We are encouraging libraries to ask their participants and caregivers to fill out a quick optional and anonymous survey. This will not only benefit BC SRC in terms of setting up measurable outcomes for following years, but also provide your library with valuable insights into your participants’ experience. BC SRC will share the raw data with your library by October 2 and will collate data into our final report.

We apologize for the somewhat short notice, but wanted to allow libraries to focus on their programs. All that we ask is that you promote the survey in your library spaces such as community boards, children’s area, and/or at the information desk. More information about the survey, including the poster and leaflet, can be found on the BC SRC Staff page: https://bcsrc.ca/staff/participant-feedback-survey/. This webpage also includes messaging for the survey. A link to the survey can be found here: https://bcsrc.ca/survey/, and will be made public starting on Monday, August 14.

This is the first year that we’re running the survey and hope to learn from its results. Please send this information to all relevant staff at your library and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Wishing you all the best as we head to the finish line!